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LCP, ISTM and LM79 testing

Testing of LED products

The North American LM-79 and LM-80 standards are useful in characterising the performance of LED products. The LM-80 test is a life & temperature limit test for LED modules and is typically performed by the manufacturer. When designing a luminaire with an LED module, the LM-79 test determines the photometric and colorimetric performance. The ISTM test (in-situ temperature measurement), in conjunction with the results of the LM-80 test, determines (a) if the LED module is operating within specifications in the luminaire, and (b) is used to estimate the life of the LED module.

LED product tests in Australia

VEET (in Victoria) and Ipart (in NSW) are operating schemes to promote energy efficient lighting products. Both emerging technologies (LED & induction lamp products) and non-emerging technologies (T5 and compact fluorescent (CFL) products) are targeted. For the VEET scheme the LM-79 and ISTM tests form the basis of the performance testing requirements. For the Ipart scheme, the LM-79 test is a superset of the required LCP test (Lamp Circuit Power test).

There is other testing involved for both schemes including regulatory testing such as C-tick EMC and electrical safety testing - refer here for an overview and links to the schemes.

LightLab testing of energy efficient products

LightLab operates a NATA accredited laboratory in Brisbane and an NVLAP accredited laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona. We can assist you with your testing of energy efficient lighting products. Both laboratories perform LM-79* photometric tests and ISTM* tests. Contact us for more information.