LightLab International

Authentication of Published Data

The staff at LightLab regard our reputation as a provider of accurate test information, as an important asset. We are always interested in feedback on any information we release, in particular we are happy to field any questions about test reports we have issued. If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity or veracity of a test report or are just curious about the information thereon please contact us.

Test Reports

All reports published by the laboratory are well formed, be they published as a printed report or electronically. A well-formed report will:

All electronic reports published by the laboratory conform to the above requirements with the exception that the report will not be manually signed and some reports will not carry page numbering. Please note: at this time electronic documents are not considered to be sufficiently secure to satisfy all of the necessary accreditation requirements of the laboratory and will be published only as accompaniment to a printed document.

Electronic Data

The laboratory publishes electronic data to supplement some forms of report. The authentication process for electronic data is identical to that for printed test documents. Contact us and we will be happy to provide verification of any electronic data issued by the laboratory.