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EMC (for lighting products only)

EMC (for lighting products only)

Whenever we hear EMC discussed it is always in the form of a question. What is EMC? Do I need a compliance certificate? How do I get a C-Tick mark? Can I sell my product overseas?

It is our aim to guide you through the process of gaining EMC approval.

What is EMC?

Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of an electrical or electronic device or system to function satisfactorily in its environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic interference to other devices in that environment. Most electrical equipment is required to be compliant to the appropriate EMC standard and should be labeled with the C-Tick mark.

C-Tick mark

The C-Tick mark is a compliance trademark registered to ACA by the Trademark Office and indicates compliance with the EMC framework. It may be used by the ACA to trace the supplier of the equipment.

What are my obligations?

The regulations are aimed at suppliers, importers and manufacturers of electrical/electronic devices, who offer products for sale on the Australian market.

If you are a supplier you must:

Compliance is Mandatory

Since 1 January 1999 all electrical/electronic devices entering the Australian market, either locally or by import must comply with the appropriate EMC standard if they fall under the scope of one of the EMC standards mandated by the ACA. Compliance is by means of Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and suppliers placing products on the Australian market must ensure that each product meets the appropriate EMC standard and be labelled with the C-tick mark.

Download the EMC Compliance Test Submission Form. (Adobe PDF Format)