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We are proud to introduce to you AGI32, the heir to AGI-dos and the most revolutionary tool in lighting design software to hit the lighting design industry since the personal computer.

AGI32 is not only a comprehensive point-by-point program, but a lightning fast, photometrically correct, color-rendering tool as well. Imagine computing all of your point-by-point values simultaneously with a full color image. Now you can not only review the "numbers", but incorporate accurate visualization into your everyday lighting design. This is enormously powerful for both conceptualization and presentation.

Ceiling Lights

Unprecedented Power and Flexibility

Predict lighting system performance for any application from one luminaire in a jail cell to hundreds of luminaires in a professional sports facility. Interior or exterior, AGI32 can build environments for most any lighting application with unlimited luminaires, calculation points, reflective or transmissive surfaces. AGI32 is what lighting design software should be.

Screenshots & Feature Matrix

There are literally hundreds of advanced functions for you to work with, take a look at the feature matrix and you'll be impressed. And as for the design environment, don't just take our word for it, have a look at the screenshots.

Technical Support

AGI32 comes with 'Support Plus' care that includes unlimited telephone, fax and email based support and incremental updates for one year from date of purchase. For a modest annual fee, the support can be continued indefinitely. Details at Support & Training.