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Photometric Toolbox

Photopia is the most widely used optical design and analysis software at lighting companies all over the world.

Photopia is a fast and accurate photometric analysis program that produces comprehensive performance evaluations for non-imaging optical designs. Photopia allows you to produce virtual luminaires in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of physical prototypes. With computer modeling, you can test a number of design variations without altering tooling.

Parametric Design Tools

The Parametric Optical Design Tools module allows you to create optical designs in which you control how the light is aimed and the relative amount of light sent toward the various directions in your distribution. All of the key aspects of the design that affect the light control are parameterized in ways meaningful to optical design. This is in direct contrast to standard parametric CAD software, which only allows you to parameterize mechanical features that have indirect and unknown optical effects. See some screenshots.


Photopia includes a built-in CAD system that allows you to create and manipulate components of your model. Photopia also interfaces with almost any CAD package - including: AutoCAD™, Pro/Engineer™, Solid Edge™, SolidWorks™, and SDRC™.

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