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IES File Validation

LightLab discusses methods of validating the contents of an IES file.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficiency of lighting products has always been a design factor. Australian state governments are implementing schemes to provide incentives to further improve efficiency.

Revised AS2293 Emergency Spacing Table

At the request of the Lighting Council of Australia, LightLab has reviewed the calculations and determined a revised set of spacing tables. For the methodology and tables download the reference document.

Lab Notes

General Description Size
Issue 1 Uniformity of Illuminance 1.8 mb
Issue 2 The Unified Glare Rating System UGR as a productivity tool 1.0 mb
Issue 3 How to Read a Photometric Report 2.0 mb
Issue 4 Why Tri-Phosphor Lamps are Unsuitable for Hospital Lighting 400 kb
Issue 5 The Use of Luxmeters 37 kb
Issue 7 What is Glare? 46 kb
Issue 8 The Control of Glare by the AS1680 System 200 kb
Issue 9 Dealing with Discomfort Glare in the Interior Workplace 364 kb
Issue 10 Disability Glare in the Exterior Workplace 103 kb
Issue 12 How to select the best Luminaire 40 kb
Issue 13 Emergency Evacuation in Buildings 0.6 mb
Automotive Description Size
Issue 1001 Understanding the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) 55 kb

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